We See Things Differently.

We believe in ingenuity and innovation to create new solutions to old problems. We are Ocular Science®, a leading-edge biotech company focused on developing innovative eye care products at reasonable prices for those suffering from eye disease and discomfort. We do this because eye care patients and physicians should not have to endure expensive and overly complex treatments when there are easier and more cost-effective alternatives.

Through our affiliate, OSRX®, we blend practical solutions with paradigm-shifting innovations to effect positive change. We can combine and compound multiple medications into a single drop for postoperative cataract and LASIK care that promotes compliance while reducing cost. This saves time for both patients and doctors by simplifying treatment plans and minimizing office callbacks. 

We don’t have to settle for old solutions. We are creating new innovations and treatments that improve upon existing care. We are helping patients and doctors save time and money. We are shaping the future of visionary care. It’s time to start seeing things differently.